forward girls collage faculty

Forward System of Education is blessed with highly qualified, competent, experienced and dedicated faculty who contribute honestly for the achievement of the aims and objectives of the institute. All of appointed staff is fully motivated to assist and facilitate the student development during their period of academic session.
By keeping high the flag of 3Ds: DISCIPLINE, DEVOTION, DEDICATION, the Institute under guidance of well trained and highly educated staff have earned constant appreciation and encouragement from the authorities at provincial education department. A number of persons who are holding responsible positions in different fields of life owe their position and success to Forward.
The institute arranges workshops for the faculty during the session in order to regularize the working for better check and balance. Through teacher training programmes, teachers are able to effectively transfer their message to the students. The faculty learns new ways of teaching and adopts a way to make the concept more clearly to the students, so that maximum number of students can benefit themselves from the most skilled, trained and organized staff members.
Teacher training programmes provide teacher with the certificates which helps them to be more enthusiastic about their profession.