Forward Girls College is offering merit based scholarships for talented students according to their marks to acknowledge their talent & efforts and to motivate them for future successes.

Scholarship in 1st year

Merit scholarships are offered only on limited seats on First Come First Get basis.

  • 100% Free Education Merit Scholarship (for 1 year only)
  • 50% Free Education Merit Scholarship (for 1 year only)
  • Hafiz-e-Quran Scholarship (for 2 years)

   20% Sibling concession in programme fee to the 2nd child only (if she is eligible for

   Any merit scholarship, terms and conditions apply).


Scholarship in 2nd year

In order to avail merit scholarship in 2nd year students have to improve or maintain their grades in 1st year annual B.I.S.E examination.

  • 100% Free Education Merit Scholarship
  • Hafiz-e-Quran Scholarship
  • Free Education Merit Scholarship

Merit Scholarship Rules

  • Merit scholarship awarded to any student in 1st year is only for 1 year.
  • Concession availed by 1st year student at the time of admission on merit scholarship basis shall only be
    entertained in 2nd year if student struggles to maintain the required percentage otherwise it shall be
  • In case of any unfortunate situation or circumstances the Annual Board exam of 1st year is cancelled,
    then the scholarship to promoted 2nd year shall be awarded according to the criteria decided by
    College Administration.
  • Merit scholarship is awarded to student to motivate her, if any student wants to withdraw her
    admission in 2nd year after availing scholarship in 1st year, she will have to pay back the College all the
    concession she has availed.
  • Scholarships are awarded for programme fee only; no concession will be given for transport dues.
    Students bearing foreign nationality shall deposit security of Rs. 25000/- that is refundable after F.SC II Annual B.I.S.E examination.